Kontiki Merchant Partners is an independent Financial Company located in Milan. It’s main business area is focused on companies’ Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate Equity and IPO’s . Kontiki Merchant  tipically operates with medium – medium large size company and has a long expertise in many sectors.  Kontiki Merchant track record counts on several successful transaction in M&A and partners recruitment in many sectors like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electromechanical, Information Technology, Food, Telecommunication and Fashion.

The Team

Kontiki Merchant Partners was founded in 1999 by Carlo Luigi Rossi, exploiting his expertise as Director of M&A and Real Estate in several Financial Companies and Banks in Italy and abroad. Thank to that, Kontiki can rely on an extensive network of contacts, always at Company Board level in financial and industrial organizations.
Kontiki Merchant can count on a number of direct and related professionals which can be involved in the transaction covering specific areas as \”valuation reports\”, legal and fiscal matters, due diligence, financial analysis.
The Kontiki Merchant Partners plusses
– a tailor made approach
– real competence proved by the completion of complicated deals
– deep knowledge of the markets;
– focus on each Client, with direct relation Advisor/Client
– lean, flexible and skilled organization