The M&A activity covers different aspects:


  • Search of ideal target companies
  • Set of the contact with the counterpart at the maximum level
  • Analisys of the enterprise value of the company to buy or to sell
  • Acquisition financing set up


  • Structuring the financial, legal and tax issues of the transaction
  • Searching for the appropriate management, when necessary (FBO -MBI)
  • Negotiation with the counterparts
  • Post closing activities

Additional services provided by Kontiki Merchant Partners

  • Company Evaluation, definition of the market value
  • Financial assets and business project evaluation
  • Competitive analysis (market reference) and Business plan definition
  • Due Diligence support

In particular: Corporate Advisory services:

  • Specifically for small caps: cash flow projection, sensitivity analisys, other financial technics
  • Organization of IPOs and MBOs, MBIs , FBOs in all the aspects
  • Post closing activities

Financing Advisory services:

  • Debt reorganization and terms definition
  • Development of business Plans and Company financing
  • Equity restructuring
  • Identification of financial partners suitable to the project
  • Restructuring of financial assets and liabilities
  • Club deals with selected investors